Jesus, Our King

Endow the king with Your justice, O God, the royal son with Your righteousness. He will judge Your people in righteousness, Your afflicted ones with justice. Psalm 72:1-2

We might think that King Solomon, the author of this psalm, is referring to himself in this verse. He is, after all, the first king of Israel who is a “royal son.” He asked God for wisdom to judge the people in righteousness and was granted that wisdom by God. But the psalm goes on to talk about the king’s reign enduring “through all generations,” and we are led to ask, “Did Solomon really think he would live forever?” No, he was wiser than that. 

Solomon knew he wasn’t the true King of Israel. Yes, he sat on the throne and everyone called him king, but the real King of Israel was God Himself. At his best, Solomon was only a pale imitation of the true King, and still his reputation spread to distant lands. Yet Solomon knew that one day one of his descendants would truly be endowed with God’s justice and righteousness, not because He was Solomon’s son, but because He was God’s Son.

This psalm ultimately points to the coming of Jesus who sits at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, with “all authority in heaven and on earth.” Christ Jesus rules in righteousness and judges according to His great mercy so that all who believe in Him will live under Him in His kingdom in everlasting blessedness.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, You sit at the right hand of God, the Father, and rule over all of heaven and earth. Graciously keep us under Your rule that we may be protected from all harm and temptation and may live peace-filled lives in the certain hope of Your salvation. Amen.