A Light in the Darkness

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. John 1:5

Nine-year-old Brent was in second grade when most children his age were in fourth. He was big, clumsy, and learning was always a struggle. But Brent was also a gentle child who would always defend the underdog, and was well liked by his classmates. Brent’s parents encouraged him to audition for the Sunday school Christmas service. He wanted to be a shepherd, but the teacher in charge of casting made him an innkeeper. She figured Brent’s size would lend believability to the role when he refused a room to the holy family. Mother and father helped with his lines and during rehearsals all came off without a hitch. Brent was firm telling Joseph, “There’s no room in the inn.” 

The night of the service, the lights, costumes, and music touched Brent in a very special way. That’s why, when Joseph knocked on the painted cardboard door of the inn, Brent was ready. He opened the door and growled, “What do you want?” “We seek lodging,” Joseph replied. “Seek it elsewhere,” Brent said in a firm and deep voice. “There’s no room in the inn.” “Please, good innkeeper,” Joseph pleaded. “This is my wife, Mary. She is with child and is very tired. She needs a place to rest.”

There was a long pause as Brent looked at Mary. The teacher in charge was prepared. She whispered Brent’s line: “No! Be gone!” Brent remained silent. In the best of acting tradition, the couple playing Mary and Joseph acted as if nothing had happened. They turned and began to move into the darkness. That’s when Brent called out, “Don’t go! You can have my room.”

That night, while parents were rightly proud of their children, all were proud of Brent. They knew they had seen something wonderful in the selfless invitation of the young man. One student probably explained it best when she reflected: “We were acting in a program; but for Brent, Jesus was real.”

Is Jesus real for you? All around the world today, there are many who still live their lives in sin’s darkness. They never understand the wonderful truth of God’s love that came so naturally to the young innkeeper. They never see the reality of Jesus, God’s Light in the darkness. This day, He has come to the door of your heart. This day, if you have never had room for Him before, it is time by the Spirit’s power to call out: “Don’t go! Jesus, You can have my life.”