1 - Soaring Like Eagles

 "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like     eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31) 

Have you ever wondered why Isaiah 40:31 is written the way it is?

Question: Why is the Eagle mentioned specifically?
Question: What is so special about Eagles that they have a place in the Bible?
Question: What is the linkage between waiting upon the Lord and renewal of strength?
Question: Why is it that when you mount up with wings like eagles, you do not get tired?

Read on and over the next 6 days you will find the answer.

The eagle is a creation of God. It is the most majestic of all birds and is mentioned many times in the Bible. In fact, the eagle is mentioned 38 times, much more than the dove or other birds. An eagle is around 90 cm tall and reaches over 2m between the wings. She builds her nest on the cliff or in a high tree. The nest is so large that a human can sleep in it. It can weigh 700kg and is also comfortable. With the basis of God's word, we shall see what the king of birds can show us concerning truths about God, and also about Christians. May the practical lessons contained in here be of encouragement to you. God Bless.

Lesson 1: All Baby Eagles Must Learn To Fly

High in the mountains, a baby eagle is born. Like all other babies, there are two things that baby eagles, known as eaglets, love to do: eat and sleep. The baby eagle would spend its initial life in the comfort of the nest.

Everyday, mama eagle would find food and drop it directly into the open mouths of the hungry eaglet. With a satisfied stomach, the eaglet then goes to sleep and the cycle continues when it becomes hungry again. This goes on for a few weeks, until one day, mama eagle would just hover over the nest. This time, there is no food. After hovering a few rounds, mama eagle would make a dive into the nest and begins to shake it violently. She then takes one of her babies in her mouth and starts soaring into the skies. The baby eaglet begins to tremble, "Mama is mad! Mama is mad!" Suddenly, she drops the baby eaglet who starts to struggle.

Just before the eaglet smashes against the rocks, mama eagle would sweep down and pick it up. This goes on for about five to eight times. The eaglet starts to wonder why mama is doing this. Every time it is being dropped from the sky, the eaglet would struggle by flapping its wings. "Mama can fly. I want to fly like her too!", the eaglet says to itself. What beautiful picture! Mama is teaching her young to fly. At about the fourteenth to fifteenth try, the eaglet begins to fly.

Christians are like baby eagles, comfortable in the nest. They come to church once a week for food. They would wait for pastor to drop "spiritual" food into their mouths. When service is over, they would go home, "sleep" for a few days and the cycle continues, until one day, something happens and they struggle. The nest gets shaken and they don't know what to do. "It's the devil! It's the devil!" they exclaim. No, it's not! It's just our loving Father who allows our nest to be shaken because He wants us to grow into maturity, so that we can fly.

It's no point being an eagle that cannot fly. The Word of God says in Exodus 19:4 that God bare the children of Israel on eagles' wings. Here we see the eagle symbolise God.

The way mama eagle treats her young shows us how God treats His children. Just when it seems like we're going under ... SWISH ... mama eagle, God, comes and picks us up. In the world, they push people upward when they are going up. But God lets us fall down to get us up. Hard times come, but after a couple of times I start to pray a little bit more. I start to read God's word a little bit more. And suddenly I realise that the answers to my prayers are coming. Hard times always come but I find I'm not helpless, no, I see that I can stand on God's word. What has happened? I've learned to spread my wings! I've learned to fly. God carries us supernaturally through all our trials, even if we don't feel it. Yet, who can see the wind? While mama eagle teaches her young to use their own wings, God teaches us to Believe His word and use our Faith.