4 - Soaring Like Eagles

Eagles Go Through Specific Periods Of Renewal

When they are about 60 years old, eagles go through a period of renewal.

An eagle would find a secret place up in the mountains. It would start to claw at its face and tear out the feathers that have been damaged over the years. As a result, it would bleed badly. The eagle would then wait patiently for the rays of the sun to heal it. Through this, the eagle renews its strength by getting rid of the unnecessary things otherwise it would not be able to live till 120 years that it normally does.

Relevance :

Like eagles, Christians need to go through a renewal period sometime in our lives, to rid ourselves of unnecessary things and to wait upon the Lord.

Renewal is a divine principle where God cuts off the unfruitful things in us so as to bring out the fruitful.