Hands Lifted in Blessing

Luke 24:50 "He lifted up His hands and blessed them."

The last glimpse the disciples had of Jesus was at His ascension as He was lifting His hands over them in blessing. This last look left a deep impression on their hearts and minds all their life. So they were to remember their Lord. 

Jesus still holds His hands of blessing over all of His disciples. The hands raised in blessing bear the marks of the price He paid to bless His own. The nail prints tell the story of His great love.

Jesus blesses His own in every circumstance of life, when they walk in the valley of affliction or rejoice on the hilltops of prosperity. They know He not only wishes them every good but with His blessing gives them every good.

Oh, the glory of it all! He blesses us, our homes, our children, our labours, our rest, our pleasures, our years, our trials, our sorrows, our dying. He blesses us, but not because we deserve it. The very essence of all that is contained in the word blessing is love, mercy, and grace. We know that without His blessing life is not really living. With it, goodness and mercy must follow us all the days of our life.

PRAYER: Bless us, dear Lord Jesus, throughout our earthly life, and bring us at last to Your eternal glory. Amen.