Do You Feel Let Down?

Joshua 2:15 "She (Rahab) let them down by a rope through the window."

Have you ever had your back to the wall? Look at the Israelites: desert to the left and to the right. Behind them were the armies of Egypt coming to capture them. God spoke to Moses: "Tell the Israelites to move on" (Exodus 14:15). They went forward into the Red Sea. The waters parted. Their backs had been to the wall, and God saved them. 

Joshua's spies also had their backs to the wall. Soldiers were searching for them and came near the rooms in Jericho's wall where the men were hiding. Rahab lowered them by a rope down the outside wall. In Matthew 1:5 Rahab is listed as an ancestor of the Saviour.

David's wife Michal helped him escape through a window when her father, King Saul, wanted to kill him. Paul was let down in a basket over the wall of Damascus when enemies sought to get him.

When our backs are to the wall, God can provide unusual ways out. So just trust the Lord! He may not save us by a rope or a basket, but He tells us that He will never send us more than we can bear. He will always provide a means of escape. If we feel "let down," He can pick us up. If our backs are to the wall, He will save us. As sinners we were in dire distress, but God sent Jesus Christ to save us.

PRAYER: Lord, deliver us from evil. Amen.