We Have a Lord Who Cares for Us

John 11:33, 35 "When Jesus saw her weeping ... He was deeply moved in spirit and troubled ... Jesus wept."

Many Scripture passages describe God as a majestic ruler and all-powerful judge. We may wonder who can stand in His presence when at the end of time we find ourselves before His glorious throne and see Him as our judge. Before His glory, brighter than a million suns, and before His majesty, more magnificent than all the combined kingdoms of this world, who indeed can stand? And yet, we know that we have a Lord who cares for us. 

We know this because Christ, the eternal Son of the eternal Father, is the same Jesus of Nazareth who walked our dreary planet, full of mercy and compassion. He saw the misery and the agony of our world, and His heart was moved to pity. He cared.

His heart is filled with pity still, and His pity is real. Into our lives may come pain and anguish, heartbreak and despair. Our world has a tendency quickly to pass us by should we wish to pause and weep. Our world's mercy and compassion is often a shallow and fleeting mist, and we are left alone.

But we have a Lord who cares. He has a heart that is touched and moved by our tears. And He acts in His mercy. He invites our cares and our troubles. He was able, fully and victoriously, to bear our sins. Just as fully, just as victoriously He can and will bear our griefs.

PRAYER: Jesus, our Lord, fill our lives with Your healing power and loving concern. Amen