Psalm 6:2 "O Lord, heal me, for my bones are in agony."

The pain strikes suddenly. The lower back aches. The pain spreads up the spine. Movement increases the discomfort. Lying down helps, but even sleep becomes difficult. Day after day the pain continues. Why is this happening? Who can help? When pain leaves, we often forget, but when symptoms persist, we wilt and lie helpless. 

The psalmist struggles under affliction and cries out, "O Lord, heal me!" He adds, "I am worn out from groaning; all night long I flood my bed with weeping" (Psalm 6:6). No pat answers to the problem of pain. No help from philosophical speculation about the inevitability of pain or its maturing benefits. Like the psalmist, we turn to God in our despair. We ask for healing, for relief, for strength.

But most of all, we focus on God's Son, who took on flesh and experienced pain for us. He hurt when roughly handled and scourged. The nails in His hands and feet sent pain stabbing through His system. And the hours of tortured breathing on the cross took their toll. In the process, He conquered sin and death. Pain continues now, but God heals, soothes, and strengthens. Risen and ascended, Jesus will come again to take us to eternal life with Him, where there will be no more pain.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord, for procuring our salvation through Your pains. Amen.