Families are encouraged to contact Holy Trinity to arrange for the baptism of their children. In this service, the entire congregation truly welcomes the newly baptised into the Christian community.

The baptism service, through thanksgiving and dedication, enables parents and the church community to express their thanks to God for the birth of their child. The parents promise before God to raise their child to know and follow Jesus Christ. As a congregation we pray for God's blessing on the child, parents and godparents as they seek to do this. 


Before organising a Baptism you will need to think about who you want to have as sponsors or godparents. Godparents have a very great responsibility as during the service they make a promise to God that the child will be brought up as a Christian. Make sure that they are aware of this before allowing them to accept the privilege of being your child's godparent. In the Anglican Church, only people who have been baptised are eligible to be godparents.